Saga Terrain – Saxon Church

Assembling ‘Timeline Miniatures’ 28mm MDF Saxon Church with LED lighting, for Saga Dark Age Skirmishes tabletop game.

As I begin assembling my Saga Terrain for an upcoming campaign, I’ve started with an initial centre-piece; the church at Fortingall, Scotland, circa 900AD. This site is famed for the Fortingall Yew, the oldest tree in Britain, and amongst the oldest in all Europe. Yew trees have a sacred and spiritual place within Britain, long before Christianity, dating back to and beyond Druidic times. Thus many churches throughout Britain have ancient Yew Trees growing within their yards, as the churches were built upon already spiritual and sacred areas, helping the slow conversion from paganism to Christianity over the centuries.


The Timeline Miniatures Saxon Church was one of the most well suited terrain pieces I could find for this scenario and location. It is a reasonably large piece of terrain with three rooms and a larger hall, as well as a removable roof. This allows for ample space if using the interior for your skirmish gaming sessions.




Assembling the MDF kit was very straight-forward and the with the roofs now drying, it was time to get the lighting sorted. For this building I am going to use flicker ‘candle’ LEDs. I break apart a number of cheap LED candles, remove the switch and battery from them and break the LED out. I then solder the LED to a dual 3v battery pack that has an on/off switch. Covering the solder joins with heat-shrink, the job is complete.


Now I have both lights soldered I break off a piece of MDF from a used sheet and use it as a lighting beam in the ceiling. Super-gluing the battery packs to the inside of the roof, I make sure they are faced the right way so I can change batteries later, then super-glue the lights to the beam. I have Blu-Tak covering the join of the lighting beam to hold it in place until the PVA is dry.

The LEDs still have the flickering built into them so they still flicker like candle/flame light.


Finally I test the roof out with it’s new flickering lights. You can see some of the wires hanging from the ceiling, I will tidy these up when painting and also paint the wires/battery cases to make them blend. The LEDs light the internals of the church very well and as they are running off two batteries instead of one, they are brighter than normal. This will shorten their lives, however, they will have minimal use and are easy enough to replace.




The next step will be painting….

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