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D&D 5e, Session#1

D&D 5e Session #1. Set in The Forgotten Realms. Malkevoy the Bard, Braxus the Human Fighter, Wruzantar the Dragonborn Fighter, Tanis the Half-Elf Ranger, Inquist the Gnome Druid. They’d all sought or received a letter, a “Call to Adventure!” it … Continue reading

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Star Wars Imperial Assault: Battle Log #2

MISSION 4 : Imperial Hospitality The Imperial’s held a Rebel operative captive and were in the process of transmitting sensitive data gleaned through torturous means. After spending many hours sneaking into the heart of Imperial facility the Rebel team arrive … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Imperial Assault Battle Logs

These battle reports are a short narrative style recap of my home game of Imperial Assault, which has various players in the campaign, depending on who can come along on the night. There is some mild house-ruling due to this. … Continue reading

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Saga Terrain – Saxon Church

Assembling ‘Timeline Miniatures’ 28mm MDF Saxon Church with LED lighting, for Saga Dark Age Skirmishes tabletop game. As I begin assembling my Saga Terrain for an upcoming campaign, I’ve started with an initial centre-piece; the church at Fortingall, Scotland, circa 900AD. … Continue reading

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