Star Wars: Imperial Assault Battle Logs

These battle reports are a short narrative style recap of my home game of Imperial Assault, which has various players in the campaign, depending on who can come along on the night. There is some mild house-ruling due to this. These battle reports may contain some spoilers if you haven’t played Imperial Assault yet!

Mission 1  – “Aftermath”:

The Rebels assaulted the forested base, their aim was to destroy a series of computer consoles. It began by sending their Ualaq operative they called the “tank” in amidst the Imperials guarding the entrance. The Ualaq took a beating, a hell of a beating, but he came through, wounded and now raging. A computer sat near the entrance to the compound, one of the targets for this operation. Leaping atop the machine with ample dexterity and gusto, whilst cutting through Imperials with her sword, the Mandalorian Rebel team member managed to destroy the first console. Now, to get inside…


After a concentrated effort and with the first console destroyed, the rebels managed to blast the door open and storm the outpost. To their surprise stood a large gun pointing directly at them, manned by an E-Web Engineer. It wasn’t a very good shot. Not long after, Imperial reinforcements began arriving from the north, “time to ramp things up”, the Imperials seemed to be saying.

Coming together as a team the Rebels managed to fight on two fronts successfully. Raiding the facility with speed to swiftly destroy all consoles whilst also holding the swarming Stormtroopers off from the outside.

The mission was completed successfully, the Rebels triumphant.

Mission 2 – “The Viper’s Den”:

It was on! The elite rebel crew had to get inside that facility and gather the remaining parts of the droid, the data on it was too valuable to fall into Imperial hands. Headstrong they charged, but came up against a strong effort from the Imperials, who were also trying to break in. Heavy resistance was met at first, a battle brewed in the dusty rock corridors outside the locked facility, until an order was shouted from an Imperial Officer. “Focus on the doors!”.
The Imperial team turned their fire onto the locked doors, determined to enter before the rebels.

Breaching the door, that Imperial Officer made a dash for the destroyed droid, just beating the Rebels to it. Now to escape swiftly with the data intact. The Officer’s exit would be hard and with a mix of skill, luck and a little muscle he managed his way through a barricade of Rebels, dodging their attacks and sprinting out of the building, droid parts in hand.

Ultimately though, the Officer met his demise. Relentless Rebel fire brought him down, a final scream as he dropped to the floor. Yet in that same moment a brave Stormtrooper ran to his dying body retrieving the droid part, the data chip undamaged. From here the Stormtrooper ran out of view and off with the objective.

Imperial victory had been hard won. The Rebels rued the day they failed in that Viper’s Den.

Mission 3 – “Under Siege”:

The Rebel team had to hold the base long enough to distract the Imperial army, it was their only hope. Or one of their only hopes, they hoped. “We’ve got this!” a Rebel Rodian operative confidently stated as the team manned the reinforced doors, guns pointed through small defensive portholes. They could only see a handful of Imperial troops and their commander. Easy.


Though the plan seemed to be holding the facility from within, the Rebel’s “tank” operative decided to rush outdoors regardless. But he had it under control as had been proven in prior missions, messing up the carefully laid plans of the Imperial advancement and their attempts to capture key points of the Rebel guarded facility. They had this under control, it was a walk-in-the-park.

Time ticked on with the Rebel defence looking hopeful, their ruse paying off and allowing other Rebel teams to fulfil their nearby missions. That is until Imperial reinforcements began to arrive. The loud whine and drone of an Imperial lander was heard in the distance, and not long after, the arresting visage of four Royal Guard marched toward the facility. The Royal Guard swooped on the closed and locked northern door, two Rebels protected directly behind it, but soon after the Royal Guard reached the door it exploded, a loud concentrated “Bang!”. The explosion damaging the two Rebels guarding it and opening an entrance to the facility for the Imperials to storm through.

This wasn’t such a walk in the park after all.

The Rebels held strong, but they were slowly being pushed back into the facility as an advanced Stormtrooper team rushed the building. Then a loud thump, thump, thump, was noticed approaching from the east. As the sound came closer the mechanical whirring of servo motors and hydraulics could be heard, the signature sound of an AT-ST. Fortunately for the Rebels they were deeply entrenched in the building and out of the AT-ST’s range, proving it near useless in this encounter.

Bitter fighting ensued and the struggle seemed to tip slightly in the Rebels favour, that is until a dark figure approached from the North, having exited the same vehicle the Royal Guard did moments before. A lightsabre flashed on, it’s signature sound unmistakable, glowing red. The figure paused, it’s mechanical breathing amplified through it’s helmet. Lord Darth Vader had arrived, and the Mandalorian Rebel operative muttered, “Shit just got real”.


Vader moved quickly into the building, spearheaded by his fierce Royal Guard as they cut a swathe through the Rebels, wounding them one by one and pushing them further back, retreating deeper into the facility. Darth Vader decided enough was enough and pushed through his guards to confront and kill a Rebel, striking down the already wounded Rodian. From that same arching light sabre swing he hit the last strong and able Rebel, wounding the Bothan agent, and having wounded or killed all the Rebel operatives, it was enough for the Imperials to claim victory. Or so they thought.

It was all a little too late for the Imperials…. The Rebel’s ploy had worked and their staunch defence enabled a successful distraction of the Imperial Army, even of Lord Vader himself.

More to come…

Saga Terrain – Saxon Church

Assembling ‘Timeline Miniatures’ 28mm MDF Saxon Church with LED lighting, for Saga Dark Age Skirmishes tabletop game.

As I begin assembling my Saga Terrain for an upcoming campaign, I’ve started with an initial centre-piece; the church at Fortingall, Scotland, circa 900AD. This site is famed for the Fortingall Yew, the oldest tree in Britain, and amongst the oldest in all Europe. Yew trees have a sacred and spiritual place within Britain, long before Christianity, dating back to and beyond Druidic times. Thus many churches throughout Britain have ancient Yew Trees growing within their yards, as the churches were built upon already spiritual and sacred areas, helping the slow conversion from paganism to Christianity over the centuries.


The Timeline Miniatures Saxon Church was one of the most well suited terrain pieces I could find for this scenario and location. It is a reasonably large piece of terrain with three rooms and a larger hall, as well as a removable roof. This allows for ample space if using the interior for your skirmish gaming sessions.




Assembling the MDF kit was very straight-forward and the with the roofs now drying, it was time to get the lighting sorted. For this building I am going to use flicker ‘candle’ LEDs. I break apart a number of cheap LED candles, remove the switch and battery from them and break the LED out. I then solder the LED to a dual 3v battery pack that has an on/off switch. Covering the solder joins with heat-shrink, the job is complete.


Now I have both lights soldered I break off a piece of MDF from a used sheet and use it as a lighting beam in the ceiling. Super-gluing the battery packs to the inside of the roof, I make sure they are faced the right way so I can change batteries later, then super-glue the lights to the beam. I have Blu-Tak covering the join of the lighting beam to hold it in place until the PVA is dry.

The LEDs still have the flickering built into them so they still flicker like candle/flame light.


Finally I test the roof out with it’s new flickering lights. You can see some of the wires hanging from the ceiling, I will tidy these up when painting and also paint the wires/battery cases to make them blend. The LEDs light the internals of the church very well and as they are running off two batteries instead of one, they are brighter than normal. This will shorten their lives, however, they will have minimal use and are easy enough to replace.




The next step will be painting….

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