D&D 5e, Session#1

D&D 5e Session #1. Set in The Forgotten Realms.

Malkevoy the Bard, Braxus the Human Fighter, Wruzantar the Dragonborn Fighter, Tanis the Half-Elf Ranger, Inquist the Gnome Druid.

They’d all sought or received a letter, a “Call to Adventure!” it read. Fame, riches, rewards and glory it promised. This was the adventurer’s life. The call was strong enough to follow as each of the brave adventurers headed to Everlund in the Silver Marches, for reasons varied.

Everlund is a remote town and it took most of the adventurer’s weeks or more to travel there, but they were called for. This seemed like the quest they needed, the adventure they sought, the wild lands that needed taming.

They all arrived on time at the Sunken Barge, as requested by their letter, their long journey over. Wruzantar and Braxus travelling together from the rough and wild port city of Luskan. Malkevoy seeking change from his city of Waterdeep. Tanis and Inquist from all over the realm.

The Sunken Barge was a small dishevelled Inn outside the eastern walls of Everlund. Patronage seemed infrequent and the barkeep unfriendly, but it made for a good starting place on a journey along the Rauvin River.


As the only patrons of the Inn, the adventurer’s quickly found one another, holding up their once sealed letters of invite from Graven Urthadar. However, almost as soon as introductions amongst the group began, they were interrupted! An elderly woman rushed into the dusty Inn and headed directly for the Innkeep, a look of panic on her face, “Help me!” she was pleading. The Innkeeper points to the adventurers and soon enough they are accosted, the distraught woman telling them of giant rats attacking her sons in the cellar. The party, mostly noble and willing (with a little trepidation from some), swiftly follow the woman to her home and upon finding it see a decrepit, boarded up hovel of a house attached to a small field of dying wheat.

Malkevoy the Bard doesn’t like this, his feeling is shared a little by others but Braxus the headstrong fighter marches forward into the house, then toward the cellar where noises are heard. After the cellar door is opened Braxus throws his torch down the stairs to illuminate the darkness. The torch lands directly next to an older man, huddled on the floor. He is startled as soon as cloth and hessian around him begins to burn from the thrown torch. With fortune he swiftly stamps the flames out, yelling at Braxus for being a fool! Braxus, backed up by his ever trusty Fighter friend Wruzantar, heads down the stairs whilst Malkevoy uses his substantial charm to befriend the old lady, to have her keep the cellar door open, still untrusting of the situation and her motives.

As Malkevoy talks with the woman the rest of the party head into the dark, carefully scouring the rather large storehouse-like cellar for rats or signs of danger. They see nothing, hear nothing, and Inquist the gnome in particular seems to be looking in completely the wrong direction. They edge forward, now deep in the room. After learning that the “monsters” they seek are the old lady’s sons, Malkevoy rushes toward his party, trying to reach them…

As this happens two men spring forth from behind sacks and crates, launching into attack and yelling threats of death, but unable to get the surprise on the cautious adventures, the adventurers begin the battle.

The first of the men, brothers it seems, is swiftly struck down, one single hit and a sword from Wruzantar nearly cleaves his torso in two. The other brother is hit with two mighty blows from Braxus’ dual swords, but he still stands, hurt and angry. Malkevoy rushes nearer and launches a bolt from his crossbow into the man. The raging man then swings wildly at Braxus, harming him in the process, then surprisingly, the older man the party left behind rushes up to the trailing gnome left undefended and unawares, hitting the gnome hard and sending Inquist, the 3 foot tall druid reeling. Tanis the Ranger stealths, preparing for attacks of cunning.

What was going on? Who were these people?

The fight carries on, now with a new combatant, the old woman is rushing down the stairs distraught at the carnage before her.

Braxus and Wruzantar finally finish off the brutish brother as Tanis stealthily creeps up behind the older man, the father? Tanis, the half-elf Ranger stabs the man’s throat with rogue-like precision… and merely punctures a little muscle, only draws a little blood. This man is as solid as rock and now the whole party must focus on bringing him down. Malekvoy rushes toward him.

The old woman, a mere distraction caught in the fray spies the Bard that had befriended her earlier raising his crossbow, within an instant she sees nothing, her head a red mess as her body slumps to the floor. As this happens the two fighters cleave away at the strong grizzled older man, yet still no death blows are landed. The older man swings wildly and misses, his world collapsing before his enraged eyes. A Bane spell is cast by Malkevoy in an attempt to weaken the man’s blows, but it is in vain as the Bard then steps away, and in doing so is hit by the mace of his opponent. Not to worry, Inquist is valiantly behind-the-lines and healing those in need.

In a mere few more seconds the party finally finish off the old man, and what seems to have been an entire family lay dead and mangled in bloodied pools on the floor.
Who were they? Does it matter?

The adventures frisk the house but find little more than the men’s weapons, pitchforks, a dagger and some silver pieces. They head back the way they came, toward the Sunken Barge. The innkeeper may need a talking to…

Upon arrival at the Sunken Barge the party see a portly man standing with horse and cart. He greets them and introduces himself as Pavel, there to take them to their destination of Graven’s Riverside.

The adventurers also notice the Inn is shut, window shutters locked, closed for the afternoon, or other reasons perhaps? Seeing the Sunken Barge all locked up, Braxus attempts to kick the door open, angry at what may have been a betrayal or stitch-up from the Innkeep. The door, however, is far too solid and does not budge.

With a little caution and conversation with Pavel, the party climb aboard the cart and embark on their intended journey. Slowly all signs of civilisation fades as the road grows rougher, the cart jostling from side to side and the wildlands encroaching closer and closer. Before too long the sun radiates a dusk glow and the Pavel the wagon drivers calls to make camp… they’ll rest in the wilds for the night.


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Star Wars Imperial Assault: Battle Log #2

MISSION 4 : Imperial Hospitality

The Imperial’s held a Rebel operative captive and were in the process of transmitting sensitive data gleaned through torturous means.

After spending many hours sneaking into the heart of Imperial facility the Rebel team arrive just moments before this data is about to be transmitted. Can they get there in time to stop it, while focusing on their primary goal of rescuing the Rebel Operative?

The Rebel’s begin their assault rapidly, but are met with two Probe Droids guarding the area.


The droids focus fire on the first Rebel rushing the Data Room door, the Mandalorian  takes considerable damage as she attempts to hack the door, but fails. As the team solidify their tactical approach the Bothan and Twi’Lek Rebels reign destruction on the first Probe droid, swiftly neutralising it. The second droid is soon rendered inoperable by the Rodian Rebel. This attracts the attention of the Royal Guard, who rush to the fray, only to be met with strong opposition from the entire Rebel team.

The Royal Guard can’t hold them and one decides to retreat, wounded and bleeding. It is this moment that the Rebel team manage to blast the door down to the Communications room, and just in time, the signal only moments away from being broadcast. Rapidly the Rodian Rebel rushes into the room and halts the transmission of the data. He also encounters the strong guarding Imperial force holding fort there.


The guarding force of Trandoshans storms out of the room, attacking the Rodian and Mandalorian Rebels, wounding them but ultimately meeting their demise as the pair of rebels unleash rapid and well execute blows. While this happens the Bothan Rebel and Twi’Lek Rebels split up to and head off to rescue the prisoner, with only one single royal guard as opposition, they manage to blast open the door and free the rebel operative. Sirens sound and soon after a reinforcement of Storm Troopers rushes in, this could be trouble…


In what was a move of both luck and tactical prowess, the Twi’Lek used a radio intercept found only moments before to steer another deploying reinforcement away from the battle scene, and halve the number of troops approaching them.

Still, the Stormtroopers advanced, their orders to neutralise the escaped operative at all costs. Bypassing the assaulting rebels the Stormtroopers rushed right up behind the prisoner and unleashed a volley of blaster shots at him, almost killing the Rebel.

They weren’t fast enough though. The Rebel team desperately swooped in on the Stormtroopers, neutralising them rapidly and clearing the area of all Imperials, guaranteeing a swift and safe exit for the rebel prisoner and the team alike. The mission was a shining example of cohesive team work, despite missing their “Tank”, and proved a resounding success for the Rebels.

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Star Wars: Imperial Assault Battle Logs

These battle reports are a short narrative style recap of my home game of Imperial Assault, which has various players in the campaign, depending on who can come along on the night. There is some mild house-ruling due to this. These battle reports may contain some spoilers if you haven’t played Imperial Assault yet!

Mission 1  – “Aftermath”:

The Rebels assaulted the forested base, their aim was to destroy a series of computer consoles. It began by sending their Ualaq operative they called the “tank” in amidst the Imperials guarding the entrance. The Ualaq took a beating, a hell of a beating, but he came through, wounded and now raging. A computer sat near the entrance to the compound, one of the targets for this operation. Leaping atop the machine with ample dexterity and gusto, whilst cutting through Imperials with her sword, the Mandalorian Rebel team member managed to destroy the first console. Now, to get inside…


After a concentrated effort and with the first console destroyed, the rebels managed to blast the door open and storm the outpost. To their surprise stood a large gun pointing directly at them, manned by an E-Web Engineer. It wasn’t a very good shot. Not long after, Imperial reinforcements began arriving from the north, “time to ramp things up”, the Imperials seemed to be saying.

Coming together as a team the Rebels managed to fight on two fronts successfully. Raiding the facility with speed to swiftly destroy all consoles whilst also holding the swarming Stormtroopers off from the outside.

The mission was completed successfully, the Rebels triumphant.

Mission 2 – “The Viper’s Den”:

It was on! The elite rebel crew had to get inside that facility and gather the remaining parts of the droid, the data on it was too valuable to fall into Imperial hands. Headstrong they charged, but came up against a strong effort from the Imperials, who were also trying to break in. Heavy resistance was met at first, a battle brewed in the dusty rock corridors outside the locked facility, until an order was shouted from an Imperial Officer. “Focus on the doors!”.
The Imperial team turned their fire onto the locked doors, determined to enter before the rebels.

Breaching the door, that Imperial Officer made a dash for the destroyed droid, just beating the Rebels to it. Now to escape swiftly with the data intact. The Officer’s exit would be hard and with a mix of skill, luck and a little muscle he managed his way through a barricade of Rebels, dodging their attacks and sprinting out of the building, droid parts in hand.

Ultimately though, the Officer met his demise. Relentless Rebel fire brought him down, a final scream as he dropped to the floor. Yet in that same moment a brave Stormtrooper ran to his dying body retrieving the droid part, the data chip undamaged. From here the Stormtrooper ran out of view and off with the objective.

Imperial victory had been hard won. The Rebels rued the day they failed in that Viper’s Den.

Mission 3 – “Under Siege”:

The Rebel team had to hold the base long enough to distract the Imperial army, it was their only hope. Or one of their only hopes, they hoped. “We’ve got this!” a Rebel Rodian operative confidently stated as the team manned the reinforced doors, guns pointed through small defensive portholes. They could only see a handful of Imperial troops and their commander. Easy.


Though the plan seemed to be holding the facility from within, the Rebel’s “tank” operative decided to rush outdoors regardless. But he had it under control as had been proven in prior missions, messing up the carefully laid plans of the Imperial advancement and their attempts to capture key points of the Rebel guarded facility. They had this under control, it was a walk-in-the-park.

Time ticked on with the Rebel defence looking hopeful, their ruse paying off and allowing other Rebel teams to fulfil their nearby missions. That is until Imperial reinforcements began to arrive. The loud whine and drone of an Imperial lander was heard in the distance, and not long after, the arresting visage of four Royal Guard marched toward the facility. The Royal Guard swooped on the closed and locked northern door, two Rebels protected directly behind it, but soon after the Royal Guard reached the door it exploded, a loud concentrated “Bang!”. The explosion damaging the two Rebels guarding it and opening an entrance to the facility for the Imperials to storm through.

This wasn’t such a walk in the park after all.

The Rebels held strong, but they were slowly being pushed back into the facility as an advanced Stormtrooper team rushed the building. Then a loud thump, thump, thump, was noticed approaching from the east. As the sound came closer the mechanical whirring of servo motors and hydraulics could be heard, the signature sound of an AT-ST. Fortunately for the Rebels they were deeply entrenched in the building and out of the AT-ST’s range, proving it near useless in this encounter.

Bitter fighting ensued and the struggle seemed to tip slightly in the Rebels favour, that is until a dark figure approached from the North, having exited the same vehicle the Royal Guard did moments before. A lightsabre flashed on, it’s signature sound unmistakable, glowing red. The figure paused, it’s mechanical breathing amplified through it’s helmet. Lord Darth Vader had arrived, and the Mandalorian Rebel operative muttered, “Shit just got real”.


Vader moved quickly into the building, spearheaded by his fierce Royal Guard as they cut a swathe through the Rebels, wounding them one by one and pushing them further back, retreating deeper into the facility. Darth Vader decided enough was enough and pushed through his guards to confront and kill a Rebel, striking down the already wounded Rodian. From that same arching light sabre swing he hit the last strong and able Rebel, wounding the Bothan agent, and having wounded or killed all the Rebel operatives, it was enough for the Imperials to claim victory. Or so they thought.

It was all a little too late for the Imperials…. The Rebel’s ploy had worked and their staunch defence enabled a successful distraction of the Imperial Army, even of Lord Vader himself.

More to come…

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Saga Terrain – Saxon Church

Assembling ‘Timeline Miniatures’ 28mm MDF Saxon Church with LED lighting, for Saga Dark Age Skirmishes tabletop game.

As I begin assembling my Saga Terrain for an upcoming campaign, I’ve started with an initial centre-piece; the church at Fortingall, Scotland, circa 900AD. This site is famed for the Fortingall Yew, the oldest tree in Britain, and amongst the oldest in all Europe. Yew trees have a sacred and spiritual place within Britain, long before Christianity, dating back to and beyond Druidic times. Thus many churches throughout Britain have ancient Yew Trees growing within their yards, as the churches were built upon already spiritual and sacred areas, helping the slow conversion from paganism to Christianity over the centuries.


The Timeline Miniatures Saxon Church was one of the most well suited terrain pieces I could find for this scenario and location. It is a reasonably large piece of terrain with three rooms and a larger hall, as well as a removable roof. This allows for ample space if using the interior for your skirmish gaming sessions.




Assembling the MDF kit was very straight-forward and the with the roofs now drying, it was time to get the lighting sorted. For this building I am going to use flicker ‘candle’ LEDs. I break apart a number of cheap LED candles, remove the switch and battery from them and break the LED out. I then solder the LED to a dual 3v battery pack that has an on/off switch. Covering the solder joins with heat-shrink, the job is complete.


Now I have both lights soldered I break off a piece of MDF from a used sheet and use it as a lighting beam in the ceiling. Super-gluing the battery packs to the inside of the roof, I make sure they are faced the right way so I can change batteries later, then super-glue the lights to the beam. I have Blu-Tak covering the join of the lighting beam to hold it in place until the PVA is dry.

The LEDs still have the flickering built into them so they still flicker like candle/flame light.


Finally I test the roof out with it’s new flickering lights. You can see some of the wires hanging from the ceiling, I will tidy these up when painting and also paint the wires/battery cases to make them blend. The LEDs light the internals of the church very well and as they are running off two batteries instead of one, they are brighter than normal. This will shorten their lives, however, they will have minimal use and are easy enough to replace.




The next step will be painting….

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